Rachel Wicks (JHU)

Computer Science Department Seminar: Roei Tell

Title: “A New Approach for Simulating Randomness in Computation, and Resulting Directions of Research”
Abstract: Randomness is used throughout computer science, but when does it actually make computation more efficient? A central area in theoretical computer science studies the value of randomness for solving different types of computational problems, and the ways to simulate true randomness by deterministic algorithms.

Computer Science Department Seminar: Renjie Zhao

Title: “Robust IoT Communication and Sensing with Extreme Efficiency”

Computer Science Department Seminar: Huan Zhang

Title: “Trustworthy AI via Formal Verification and Adversarial Testing”

Computer Science Department Seminar: Pubali Datta

Title: “Looking past the Abstractions: Characterizing Information Flow in Real-World Systems”
Abstract: Abstractions have proven essential for us to manage computing systems that are constantly growing in size and complexity. However, as core design primitives are obscured, these abstractions can engender new security challenges. My research investigates these abstractions and the underlying core functionalities to identify the implicit flow violations in modern computing systems.

Computer Science Department Seminar: Nirvan Tyagi

Title: “Privacy-Preserving Accountability Online”


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