4OVU p110a in complex with niSH2 of p85alpha
4OVV PI3Kalpha in complex with diC4-PIP2
3HHM PI3Ka H1047R mutant and drug wortmannin
2RD0 PI3Ka (p110alpha-iSH2)
5SW8, 5SWG, 5SWO, 5SWP, 5SWT, 5XS8, 5XS9,
and 5SXK PI3Kalpha in complex with fragments
Nav1.5- SCN5A
Cardiac Sodium Voltage Gated Channel
Nav1.4- SCN4A
Skeletal Muscle Sodium Voltage Gated Channel
6MBA, 6MC9
E3 Ligase WWP2
5TJ7 WW2-2,3-linker-HECT aa 334-398 linked to 485-865
5TJ8 WW2-2,3-linker-HECT (no WW2 observed)
targeting MHC I neoantigen presentation
Leishmania major FPPS
4JZB, 4JZX, 4K10
Trypanosoma cruzi FPPS
3IBA, 3ICK, 3ICM, 3ICN, 3ICZ, 3ID0
Nudix Superfamily: CDPChase
3Q1P apo CDP-Chase
3Q4I CDP-Chase in complex with Gd3+
6NCI CDP-Chase: Vector data collection
6NCH CDP-Chase: Raster data collection
Nudix Superfamily: HsNUDT16
6B09 HsNUDT16 in complex with diADPR (soaked)
5W6X HsNUDT16 in complex with Mg+2 and ADP-ribose
5W6Z H24W mutant of HsNUDT16
5VY2 F36A mutant of HsNUDT16
5WJI F61S mutant of HsNUDT16
Nudix Superfamily: M. tuberculosis ADPRase - RV1700
5I8U MT ADPRASE E142Q mutant
Nudix Superfamily: UDPGase
4HFQ UDP-X diphosphatase
Nudix Superfamily: D. radiodurans CoAse
1NQY CoAse Apo
1NQZ CoAse + Mg2
Nudix Superfamily
Bd Sugar Nucleoside Diphosphate Sugar Hydrolase
5C7T NDPase in complex with ADP-ribose
5C7Q apo NDPase
Nudix Superfamily: E.coli GDP-mannose hydrolase (yffh)
3O52 in complex with tartrate
3O61 E100A E.coli GDPmase in complex with GDP-mannose
3O69 E100A E.coli GDPmase in complex with Mg++
3O6Z D152A E.coli GDP-mannose hydrolase in complex with Mg++
Peptidylglycine alpha-hydroxylating monooxygenase (PHM)
6NCK (H108A)
5WJA (H107A in complex with citrate)
5WKW apo PHM
6ALA H108A PHM with citrate
6AMP H172A PHM (CuH absent, CuM present)
6AO6 H108A PHM
6AY0 H108A PHM soaked with peptide
5WM0 apo wild type PHM soaked with peptide (peptide not observed)
6ALV H107A-peptidylglycine (PHM) mutant (no CuH bound)
6AN3 H172A-peptidylglycine PHM mutant soaked with peptide (no CuH bound, no peptide bound)